Episode 32 / Brecht leaving for Solid Angle

in this episode we had Brecht van Lommel on again. Brecht recently announced, that he will leave the Blender Institute and start working for Solid Angle on the Arnold Renderer.

We interviewed him about Cycles, his future plans and said Thank You!
Sorry about the bad audio this time, but we hope that you will find it interesting nevertheless.

– Thomas

Length: 36:47
Recorded: 15th June 2014

Download: OGG MP3


4 thoughts on “Episode 32 / Brecht leaving for Solid Angle

  1. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the Blender updates, and although this episode was difficult to hear (both because of the sort-of-sad news and the audio quality) it was really good to get the message out so quickly, that Cycles will continue – they sky isn’t falling, rendering is still unbiased.

    Some thoughts — There has been talk of Cycles becoming the default engine, is still still planned, is it delayed?

    Is there any chance that Solid Angle might include support for Blender? This seemed highly unlikely until I just noticed that they are releasing Arnold to the community to try out.

    Thanks again!

  2. :( them feels. It’s sad that you’re leaving Brecht but also happy for you! SA gets an amazing developer, does this indicate arnold moving towards gpu maybe?

    Anyways would be cool if SA would make a Arnold For Blender plugin. Also thanks for taking the decision to move to SA but kept working for months to finalize Cycles with SSS and Volumetrics, means a lot for us indies that really want Cycles to become production ready.

    Campbells code holiday sounds amazing, maybe some mesh tools will arrive from that.

  3. good luck, brecht, i wish you the best.
    it’s a sad moment for blender to lose a developer like you, enjoy your new adventure and thanks for all you did for blender!

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