Episode 31 / FMX, GSOC and Development

in this episode Campbell and I talked about the FMX conference in Stuttgart, Blender development and the 7 Google Summer of Code projects.

Thomas at FMX

– Thomas

Length: 50:27
Recorded: 1st May 2014

Download: OGG MP3


5 thoughts on “Episode 31 / FMX, GSOC and Development

  1. Thanks for mentioning! That was the correct pronunciation indeed. :)

  2. I feel really out of touch now. I had no idea Cycles has deformation motion blur now! Woo hoo! I’ve been playing with it, and it works fantastically!

    Regarding the “if Blender had X, then I would actually use it” discussion. I agree it can be silly in some cases. But deformation motion blur is a really good example of where I think that actually rings true. Deformation motion blur is a standard, basic feature for animation rendering. Cycles finally having it is an enormous boon, and pushes Cycles from “can be used for animations with compositing hacks” to “is built for rendering animations”. I’m actually inspired to make an animation with Cycles now! :-)

  3. Hey guys just wanted to say I liked the pod cast and thank you for Blender.
    I’m not gonna request anything because well it is what it is. I’m an artist and I love using Blender. Alot of my pro programer friends may scoff at Blender but them I love to one up them with the program.
    Also I like it because it gives people like me who can not afford the bigger programs an opertunity to create some pro quality stuff.

    So to the people who complain about Blender it’s not the tool’s falt it’s the users lack of imagination.
    Anyway keep up the good work, rock on! Thank you : )

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