Episode 29 / News and Licenses

in this episode Campbell and I talked about project Gooseberry and development updates. We also looked at licensing, and discussed pros and cons of the copy-left licenses compared to permissive licenses, (GPL compared to BSD/Apache).

– Thomas

Disclaimer! We’re aware the whole licensing discussion is quite involved so, if you’re not interested in this topic you may want to skip this episode).
– Campbell

Length: 1:48:41
Recorded: 6th February 2014

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3 thoughts on “Episode 29 / News and Licenses

  1. The way I understand Metropolis Light Transport is that once it finds a light path that connects, it sends more rays in a similar direction and origin since those are more likely to make the full path from light to camera too.

    The way I understand bias rendering is that it breaks physical correctness and rigor in order to render faster. MLT isn’t considered biased rendering because after integrating all the paths for a single pixel, energy conservation is still conserved and it still uses the same rigorous physical models – it just gives a more efficient approximation to near-infinite photons bouncing around a scene (what true, non-noisy convergence would give) to areas that require more attention.

  2. I would not worry about someone taking the code. It’s sort of the same reason I don’t fear anyone taking my wife; it’s the maintenance factor.

    • hehe, yes – in practice I bet it wouldn’t be as big an issue as we imagine, we just had 3dmagix and others sell Blender… though thats a bit of a different case. (In that case they are allowed to, they just use a bunch of artwork from the community without asking).

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