Episode 28 / Interview with Pablo Vazquez

in this episode we talked with Pablo Vazquez, a well known Blender artist who worked on the Open Movies Sintel and Caminandes.


He also does a lot of training (like Venoms Lab). We also talked about recent Blender development and take a look into 2014.

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a happy start into the new year. Thank you for listening to the Blender Podcast this year, we will be back next year!

– Thomas

Length: 1:26:36
Recorded: 20th December 2013

Download: OGG MP3


7 thoughts on “Episode 28 / Interview with Pablo Vazquez

  1. These podcasts are great. Haven’t missed one yet!
    Thanks Thomas and Campbell. Merry Christmas to you and to Pablo of course. 😉
    The proposed scale of Project Gooseberry worries me. I’m with Campbell that the focus ought to be the story telling and artistry for a longer movie rather than a vehicle to this or that technical feature/capability. I mentioned this focus aspect at BlenderArtists and was attacked for it but I still think Ton’s ambition needs some moderation for this to succeed well.

  2. He Big Fan,
    the discussion on blender artists got a big nasty. It is true that a long movie needs to be more than a gimmick. I think the reason the discussion on blenderartists got out of hand, was that some unfair remarks about previous open movie project were made.

  3. Hi Pablo,

    just wanted to let you know that my 2 year old daughter really loves both Caminandes movies a lot. She would really like a new one!

  4. Oh, and another thing. What is this “master” everyone keeps talking about. It is git-language for trunk?

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