Episode 27 / Development & Migration

in this episode we talked about the Blender Conference in Amsterdam, the GSoC-Mentor-Summit in San Francisco, upcoming development plans for Blender 2.7x and our migration to git/phabricator.

– Thomas

Length: 1:09:15
Recorded: 28th November 2013

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6 thoughts on “Episode 27 / Development & Migration

  1. Ah. “Campbell said it would take 3 years” guy was probably me.. apologies for quoting an arsepulled number as the Indisputable Word Of God.

    I don’t frequent UI threads anymore. They make my tummy hurt.

  2. Thomas and Campbell,
    I particularly enjoyed this podcast, thanks for doing it.
    My sense from listening to your podcast is that, if Blender were a human being, it is becoming an adult, more able of making wiser and better decisions, and more capable of processing the disparate opinions of a wider variety of people.
    At least that’s how it seems to me.
    Anyway, thanks.

  3. Here’s a few suggestions for guests on the next podcast:

    Jonathan Williamson
    Francesco Siddi
    Ton Roosendaal

  4. regarding AssetManagement:
    it might be worth having a look at Tactic (http://www.southpawtech.com/) which was opensourced about a year ago. I evaluated it for a recent job and it holds up quite well if compared to commercial projects like shotgun or ftrack. Will be interesting to follow or participate in the upcomming discussion about that..

    • Asset managements interesting (and thanks for the link). at the moment I dont know much about the scope for the project, eg,

      Questions I’d be asking:

      • is this a project for a developer part time? or will we have 3 developers focused on it?
      • Is version control integration important? (assume it would be)
      • Should this be integrated with a renderfarm? (also assume it would be)
      • How to deal with subscribing to part of a project?
      • How to deal with large binary files… (would we want… smart blend file diffing?)
      • Should it be integrated with some kind of project management?
      • Should we have some online front-end? (blend thumbnails, online previews of large videos and soundfiles, etc)
      • Should this integrate with blender (eg, asset library to access within blender)

      Lots of features are nice to have but the scope depends a lot on how much developer time can be spent on it.

  5. thx guys for new podcast I hope next one will be sooner .It best to heard all news from core and short overview what I could expect to happen it blender in couple months its awesome good luck with your codes magic

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