Episode 018 / Interview with Ian Hubert

Campbell had the chance to interview Ian Hubert, the director of the Mango project (and Project London of course) in Amsterdam.
Have fun!

– Thomas

Length: 1:00:06
Recorded: 18th of June 2012

Download: OGG MP3


11 thoughts on “Episode 018 / Interview with Ian Hubert

  1. Great episode! It was very funny and enjoyable to listen to. Keep ’em coming!

  2. thx for funny optimistic episode I cant w8 for next one and wish you happy blending with mango

  3. Best ep ever! Really fun, but sad there wasnt some more about the tools like how VSE is being used. And the Alt drag tip is neat but un-documented I think. Or is it only in Mango branch? I gather it performs a ripple insert edit (moving dtrips away from your drag drop).

  4. Neat Podcast. Neat links. Didn’t know about Hug color correction, thanks for those links. I just love it when someone smarter than me says, “sometimes I’m stupid”, lol. Makes me not feel so bad. Been learning Blender since 2006 and still feel stupid.
    For others with limited time like me, you can download the OGG and playback at about 8 times speed and still it is understandable with no pitch change (on VLC).

  5. Campbell I feel your pain. A mind of two-dimensionally compressed three-dimensional matrix transformations is a horrible thing to waste. If only as comperable to the algorithms occuring behind the eyes. lol

    Code hint.
    In nature all random numbers are a product of random-non-random-random-non-random numbers.

  6. Pleeeeease include some more info on the Sequencer guys. Are there any improvements in it’s future? How will the syncronised audio be handled going out to a Digital Audio workstation (DAW)? For Mango that is.

  7. I just started listening to your podcast. I have been reviewing past episodes. A lot of great and informative information. Very grateful to Campbell & Thomas for your work. I have to admit I also enjoy the boring techie stuff but I appreciate your commitment at having a good time and making it fun. Looking forward to the next episode.

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