Episode 004 / Interview with Bassam Kurdali

Heres the fourth episode of the Blender Podcast with an very in-depth interview with Bassam Kurdali who talks about his Open Movie Tube and all the other cool projects like the famous Mancandy. Bassam was the director of the world’s first Open Movie, Elephants Dream.

Length: 01:16:10
Recorded: 1. August 2011

Download: OGG MP3

Bassam’s website
Elephants Dream
The Mancandy FAQ

3 thoughts on “Episode 004 / Interview with Bassam Kurdali

  1. Great interview guys!

    As I was telling Thomas, I thought it was nice to hear an audio explanation of the whole protected layers problem that was brought up on the mailing list recently. Made way more sense hearing you describe the problem this way. Thanks!

    And yes, you definitely gotta watch what bug reports you let Ton get his hands on! 😉

  2. It’s a great insight and good to know, how professionals adapted to 2.5

    Good one, definitely a worth to listen to your ‘gurus’. +1

  3. Echoes, Campbell, ECHOES!

    Not too big an issue though; content is golden 😀 Thanks!

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